Roundabout: Circling the Emerald Isle-2018

Friday, September 14, 2018: Marching Bands, Flying Guinea Pigs, and WOW Moments

Day Two (9/15/18): Iceland, or, Never Bring an Umbrella to a Wind Fight

Day Three (9/16/18): Welcome to Dooblin

Day Four (9/17/18): You Can Take the Yank Out of America…

Day Five (9/18/18): Irish Roads are Mad!

Day Six (9/19/18): “Ruin”ing a Vacation

Day Seven (9/20/18): John Wayne Drank Here

Day Eight (9/21/18): Homecoming

Day Nine (9/22/18): Children and Idiots

Day Ten (9/23/18): An Ulster Fried Day

Day Eleven (9/24/18): Cheers, Ireland! Hi-ya, Scotland!

Day Twelve (9/25/18): Inverness

Day Thirteen (9/26/18): Nessie Searching, the Fate of Castle Urquhart, and Traveling “Diagon Alley” Through Edinburgh

Day Fourteen (9/27/18): Howth Your Shepherd’s Pie?

Day Fifteen (9/28/18): Home, or, Steve Can’t Hold His Liquor