“Might I Suggest…?” Tips for Effective R.A. Encounters

“How YOU doin’?”

Some are born to RA, some achieve RA greatness, and some have RA thrust upon them.

Everyone knows that one person who seems to recall every book they’ve ever read and retain an almost photographic memory of all their readings. For the rest of us, a little more instruction might be involved. Short of taking a comprehensive readers’ advisory course, the next best way to improve skills is to consult those who have found RA greatness and are eager to provide tips.

Below are a few of the resources that I found helpful in my research (and in my job as a Youth Service Associate). Because some RA techniques are able to translate from child to adult, I have included resources that cover, not only children, but young adult and adult-focused readers’ advisory as well.


Youth-focused RA (Ages 0-14):

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Young Adult-focused RA:

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General/Adult-focused RA:

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