Great Horse-Less Carriage Race, The by Michael Dooling


On November 28, 1895, six horseless carriages gathered in snow-covered Chicago to participate in America’s first automobile race. Sponsored by The Chicago Times-Herald, the 52 mile race was to prove that these new-fangled contraptions were far superior to the conventional horse and carriage.

Things didn’t start off very promising though when three of the six carriages broke down only miles from the starting line. The race would come down to three men and their machines: Oscar Mueller, Jerry O’Conner, and Frank Duryea; the winner having an opportunity to mass-produce and sell their carriage design. However, with bad weather, malfunctioning machinery, and the clocking ticking, the possibility that anyone could actually complete the race was slim.

This is an excellent book for young car racing buffs! In addition, the sepia-toned illustrations are wonderfully done by the author.

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