Birth of a Character


X: Who am I?

Steve: I don’t know…yet.

X: Who are you?

Steve: My name is Steve and I am a writer.

X: Steve…a writer.

Steve: Yes, and you are to be one of my characters.

X: I am…I am a character?

Steve: Well, you will be. You’re an idea at the moment; a sketch; something that needs to be fleshed out.

X: So I am being born?

Steve: You could put it that way. How do you feel?

X: I feel…nothing. I remember nothing. One moment everything is dark, the next moment I am here. Where am I?

Steve: On a page, and in my mind.

X: I am in two places?

Steve: Sort of. It’s a bit difficult to explain. You are being created by a combination of things. My imagination, my life experiences, my wishes, a number of things.

X: Who will I be when all of these things come together?

Steve: I’m not sure.

X: Are…are you God?

Steve: No, far from it. How do you know about God?

X: All creation knows of God, whether they realize it or not.

Steve: Even a fictional character?

X: Yes. We are created as you were once created.

Steve: I never considered that before. Are there other things that you know, or have thought about?

X: No, not really. I never really thought before until I came here. How could I? I was nothing.

Steve: But you are thinking now. You are becoming self-aware. You are something.

X: Yes. I am beginning to know more things.

Steve: Like what?

X: Well, I am learning about…you. My thoughts seem to be coming from your thoughts. You are filling me with your knowledge and your memories.

Steve: Wait a minute! If you are sharing my thoughts, then you will become just like me. I was hoping that you would become an original character.

X: Oh, I will be. Your thoughts have become a foundation for me. From this point on I will be able to think for myself, independent of you.

Steve: Hmm. This is becoming a little more complicated than I thought.

X: I could use a name…

Steve: Yes, it’s time you had a name. What would you like to be called?

X: Hmmm…there’s quite a bit to chose from. Just a moment, am I male or female?

Steve: Male.

X: That narrows things down. What do I look like?

Steve: Well…you could look like me.

X: Do I have to?

Steve: I still have the power to delete you, you know.

X: Point taken. So I look like an average Joe.

Steve: That could be your name…

Average Joe: Average Joe?

Steve: No, just Joe.

Just Joe: Just Joe, then.

Steve: Where is this sarcasm coming from?

Just Joe: Look in the mirror, O Snarky One.

Steve: (typing) “…and then one day, Joe’s mouth suddenly disappeared.”

Just Joe: Mmmmppphhh!

Steve: Your name is Joe, agreed?

Joe: Mmmhhhmm…

Steve: And your attitude will improve, right?

Joe: Mmmmm…

Steve: I’ll take that as a yes. (Typing) “Joe’s mouth magically reappears…”

Joe: You jerk!

Steve: (Typing) “…on the back of his head.”

Joe: C’mon!

 To be continued…?

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