Anne Bonny and Mary Read: Fearsome Female Pirates of the Eighteenth Century by Aileen Weintraub


In the early 1700s, the open seas are the playground of pirates. With few military ships patrolling the waters, stealing, plundering, and violence befall many trade ships who have the back luck of coming across the Jolly Roger. With the constant threat of danger present, the seafaring life is just not suitable for the women of this age…or is it?

Meet Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two of the most vicious pirates who ever sailed. Although born in different countries, Anne and Mary both grow up in similar fashion. For various reasons, both women are forced to dress like boys throughout their childhood. When they grow up, they continue to disguise themselves as males. Anne’s thirst for adventure leads her to piracy, and to the man she falls in love with, the pirate Calico Jack. Mary, on the other hand, is kidnapped and forced into piracy when her ship is plundered. Ironically, the pirate who nabs her is none other than Calico Jack himself! It doesn’t take long for Anne and Mary to discover each other and become friends. Although it is considered unlucky to have women aboard a pirate ship, it is the women who prove to be the most fearless and fearsome members of the crew.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read: Fearsome Female Pirates of the Eighteenth Century by Aileen Weintraub is part of the Library of Pirates series. Filled with interesting information and wonderful illustrations, this series details the lives of some of the most infamous villains of the high seas.