Trouble-Maker by Andrew Clements


Sixth-grader Clayton Hensley is a born trouble-maker, and he has the school records to prove it. In fact, his massive incident report file is second only to his rebellious older brother, and hero, Mitchell. When he gets sent to Principal Kelling’s office once again, this time for drawing an insulting portrait of the principal, Clay can’t wait to go home and share the news with Mitch.

But Mitch has changed. Having recently come home after spending 30 days in jail, Clay’s brother has a new outlook on life. Regretting his trouble-making past, Mitch, to Clay’s shock, no longer finds his little brother’s antics amusing. In fact, Mitch wants Clay to change too, before he really gets into trouble. Reluctantly, Clay agrees to this. However, there are some people who are not happy with the new-and-improved Clay Hensley, and they are willing to do anything to bring the old Clay back.

Trouble-Maker, by Andrew Clements, is a humorous, heartfelt story about redemption, second chances, and how it is never too late for a person to change.

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