Great Band Names

Starting a Garage Band in the Garage Is Feasible | A-1 Overhead Door Systems

In the spirit of humorist Dave Barry, who, in his articles with the Miami Herald, frequently followed up strange phrases with a comment that the aforementioned phrase would make a great name for a band, I have decided to compose an ongoing list of odd word combinations that I have come across during my day.

If you are reading this, feel free to add your own “Great Band Names” on the comments list. If you are actually starting a band and wish to use one of the mentioned “names”…I want a cut of the profits. ; )

Great Band Names

  • Community Pickles
  • Will the Hatter and His Oily Spouse
  • Tissue of Machinations
  • Fluffy Slime
  • Lepers with Fedoras
  • Not Without My Sherpa
  • Friendship Bracelet Fiasco
  • Unicorn Duck
  • Mitigating the Conflagration
  • Laser Rot
  • Sticky Shed Syndrome
  • Blue Dot Grubbies
  • Bin Your Poo
  • Indigo Nitrile
  • Laminate Your Monster

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