Last Musketeer, The by Stuart Gibbs

This is more of a review of the entire Last Musketeer series.

For fans of Alexandre Dumas, and/or the tales of the Three Musketeers, this series does not disappoint! Gibbs has managed to capture the high adventure, humor, and Porthos…I mean, pathos of the original.

A criminally bizarre set of circumstances transports modern-day Greg and his parents to 1615 Paris, specifically the Louvre, at that time the royal palace of young Louis XIII. Accused of attempting to assassinate the King, Greg escapes while his parents are caught and thrown into a dungeon. While on the run, Greg meets the pre-Musketeer teenagers Aramis, Athos, and Porthos. Greg convinces the boys to help him free his parents. Meanwhile, a mysterious villain is on the search for an incredible source of power that could change the course of history. And then there’s the scheming Milady de Winter…

And that’s just in the first book! The adventure, and the stakes, ramp up in the second and third books.

If you’re looking for fast-paced action and adventure, humor, mystery, or even a touch of romance, give The Last Musketeer series a try!