Powerless by Matthew Cody


“‘Welcome to Noble’s Green, Pennsylvania–The Safest Town on Earth!’ The safest town on Earth? thought Daniel. Couldn’t sound lamer.”

Yet, from the very first day that Daniel Corrigan and his family move in with his ailing grandmother, he discovers that life in Noble’s Green is anything but lame. After his little brother is miraculously saved by Mollie, the neighbor girl, Daniel quickly befriends her and “The Supers,” a group of kids who possess superpowers. Keeping their abilities a secret, the young superheroes use their powers to help protect the community.

Unfortunately, their strange gifts come with a price. When a Super reaches his or her thirteenth birthday, the powers vanish forever. Most of the Supers accept their fate, but after some startling discoveries, Daniel is convinced that the disappearing powers are the work of a mysterious evil presence known only as the “Shroud.”

Time is running out as Eric, the leader of the Supers approaches his thirteenth birthday. Can Daniel, an ordinary boy with no special powers, unravel the mystery of the Shroud before it’s too late?

Powerless, by Matthew Cody, is a page-turning superhero thriller with a twist of mystery that Daniel’s hero Sherlock Holmes would find intriguing. This book is also the winner of the 2012 Rebecca Caudill Award.

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