Assassin by Anna Meyers




After the death of her mother in 1859, Arabella Getchel is sent to live with her grandmother in Washington D.C. Although she dreams of becoming an actress, Bella learns to be a seamstress instead. She finds herself employed at the White House just as the Lincoln family moves in. At first, Bella is unsure of the new tenants, but she quickly grows to like the kindly President, the thoughtful Willie Lincoln, and the talented head seamstress, former slave Elizabeth Keckley. Although raised in the South, Bella finds herself siding with Lincoln and the Union.

The youngest son of a well-known family of actors, John Wilkes Booth enjoys a life of fame, wealth, and the admiration of all women. At the age of 26, Wilkes has it all, yet he is not satisfied. His great love is for the South and all it stands for. In his eyes, Abraham Lincoln is a tyrant, a cruel and heartless ruler who’ll stop at nothing to destroy the Confederacy. In the meantime, Booth waits for the perfect moment to leap onto the world stage and rescue his true love.

Like a Shakespearean tragedy, Bella and Wilkes’ lives will briefly entwine, resulting in disaster and heartache for themselves and the nation. Assassin, by Anna Myers, is a fictional tale based on the true events of the Civil War and the Lincoln assassination.

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