King of Slippery Falls, The by Sid Hite

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that nearly everyone has questioned their life at some point or another. What is our purpose? What story will our life tell? Sixteen year old Lewis Hinton of Slippery Falls, Idaho is no exception. The adopted son of Avery and Martha Hinton, Lewis is a boy without a past. Only the sketchy details of the woman (with a French accent) who gave him away linked him with his real family. With the help of the wise and wily Maple Baderhoovenlisterah, Lewis begins to piece together clues that lead him to believe that he is a descendant of King Louis XV of France. Once news of the genealogical discovery gets out (through Lewis’ loose-lipped love-interest Amanda Dot), the quiet town of Slippery Falls is abuzz with excitement over their reluctant home-grown celebrity.

To escape the overwhelming attention, Lewis frequently visits the Little Lost River gorge in order to catch a mythically large fish that he had once seen behind the waterfall. His obsessive quest leads Lewis to pull off a dangerous stunt which nearly kills him, but is rescued by an unlikely hero. The near-death experience clears Lewis’ confused thinking about his life’s quest, and earns him the title of the King of Slippery Falls.