Only Alien on the Planet, The by Kristen R. Randle

Ginny Christianson has a happy, familiar, and secure life in California until her family decides to pull up stakes and move east. “My children…” Ginny’s father says to her and her two younger brothers, “…this may very well be our Great Adventure.” Little does Ginny know just how adventurous, and life-changing, the move will be.

As she begins the awkward process of making friends and trying to fit into her new life, Ginny notices a strange boy who is in her English class. Called “The Alien” by some, “Smitty” Tibbs seems other-worldly and disconnected from the reality around him. In fact, he has not spoken a single word to anyone in fifteen years! Along with her new friend, Caulder Pretiger, Ginny seeks to uncover the mystery behind Smitty’s condition, and to help him break out of his empty, emotionless world. What Ginny and Caulder discover about Smitty’s family and his tortured past will not only stretch them to emotional extremes, it also disrupts Smitty’s isolated world and threatens to push him to the brink of madness…or death.

The Only Alien on the Planet is a story of how love (even tough love) can penetrate and soften the loneliest of hearts. It also shows that even a frightened, flawed, insecure person, such as Ginny, can rise above their shortcomings in order to help a friend.