Inkling by Kenneth Oppel

Inkling: Oppel, Kenneth, Smith, Sydney: 9781524772819: Books

Ethan’s father is a well-known graphic novel artist who struggles with a creative mental block while grieving for his deceased wife. Meanwhile, Ethan is taking on more and more responsibilities at home (including caring for his younger sister) as his father slips further into depression.

And then there is the dreaded group project at school. He and his classmates are assigned to create their own graphic novels. Ethan is tasked with drawing the comic. The problem is that Ethan can’t draw, despite being the son of an artist.

Help for Ethan (and his father) comes in the form of a magical creature who not only wants to help Ethan out of his predicament, but also feels compelled to bring healing to the entire family. However, this quest may be derailed permanently as the secret of the creature’s existence leaks out to the wrong people.

I really enjoyed this book (as I do with a lot of Kenneth Oppel’s books)!

This is a delightful, uplifting, fun read! All the more so for me after I had recently finished a rather grim and bleak YA novel. There is also a major plot line that is unresolved at the end, leading me to believe that a sequel is forthcoming.