A Librarian Living in a Covid World

Adapting for COVID-19: Modifying Public Library Procedures and Spaces

So…after years of work and study, I had finally made it. I was promoted to Youth Services librarian at my place of employment this past July! I was a professional now, and no longer had to explain to people the difference between an associate and a librarian position. And all the patrons went wild…or they would have had they been allowed in the building at the time.

The library took a bit of a hit with the spread of Covid over much of last year. Despite the restrictions though, our library, like many others, not only managed to survive, but thrive under the new “normal.” It took a while to make the transition from in-person to virtual, but we soon found ways to get materials into people’s hands and to provide programming via Zoom. Still, we are all hoping for a return to the olden days of no masks, no boundaries, and no social distancing. But the hand-washing can stay…please.

As for me, I have learned a lot in my new position, Covid or no. In fact, this period of time has been very conducive to my ability to process my new responsibilities in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m being thrown into the deep end. And despite being a self-proclaimed techno-curmudgeon, I have developed a new appreciation for the technology available that keeps the library connected to its patrons.