If Voldemort Ran the Library

If Voldemort thought he had it hard trying to defeat Harry Potter, he should really try spending the day at the library…

Part One: https://dexysmidnightramblings.com/life-at-the-library/if-voldemort-ran-the-library/if-voldemort-ran-the-library-part-one/

Part Two: https://dexysmidnightramblings.com/life-at-the-library/if-voldemort-ran-the-library/if-voldemort-ran-the-library-part-two/

Part Three: https://dexysmidnightramblings.com/life-at-the-library/if-voldemort-ran-the-library/if-voldemort-ran-the-library-part-three/

Part Four: https://dexysmidnightramblings.com/life-at-the-library/if-voldemort-ran-the-library/if-voldemort-ran-the-library-part-four/

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