Outcasts, The by John Flanagan


Following up on his popular Ranger’s Apprentice series, John Flanagan begins a new tale and introduces us to a new young hero.

Hal, son of a Skandian warrior and a former Araluen slave, is considered an outcast in Hallashom society. What is more, he is frequently seen in the company of Thorn, a ragged, one-handed former warrior who is also considered the town drunk. Along with his friend and fellow outcast Stig, Hal tries to keep a low profile and avoid attracting unwanted attention. This plan proves unsuccessful when all of the sixteen-year-old boys of Hallashom are summoned for months-long brotherband training.

The boys are split into three teams, with Hal being put in charge of a group of misfits who seemingly have no chance of competing with the other teams in the assessment challenges. Using his intelligence, inventiveness, and natural leadership skills, Hal works hard to bring his oddball team together to function as a unit. Will it be enough to give them a chance at being the champion brotherband team?

Meanwhile, danger is lurking out at sea. A Magyaran pirate ship is hanging around the docks of Hallashom, claiming the need to make repairs, and yet…

Read The Outcasts, by John Flanagan, Book One of the Brotherband Chronicles series.

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