Incredible Urban Legends: Stranger than Fiction Modern Tales

$T2eC16ZHJHgE9n0yG+(tBR(qBd80Hw~~_35“Man is the only animal that blushes,” states Mark Twain, “or needs to.” The following series of “true” tales demonstrates that some people have a lot to blush about!

Take, for instance, the bus driver who leaves 20 sleeping psychiatric patients alone while he takes a break at a café. When he returns to the bus, every patient has escaped! You’ll never guess how the driver attempts to fix the situation.

Then there is the man who is struck by lightning in the parking lot of a theme park. He survives with minor injuries, but decides to sue the park because of the incident. What is his reason?

A woman in England calls poison control after she finds her infant daughter eating ants. After being assured that the ants are not poisonous, the mother explains the remedy she used on her child that has paramedics on the way. What did she do?

Find out the conclusions to these and many other outrageous stories when you read Incredible Urban Legends: Stranger than Fiction Modern Tales.

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