Guinea Dog by Patrick Jennings




More than anything else in the world, ten-year-old Rufus wants a dog. “Who wouldn’t want one?” he asks. His dad…that’s who. No matter how much he begs, Rufus cannot convince his stressed-out father to permit a dog to come anywhere near the house. However, his ever-helpful mother comes up with a compromise: she buys a guinea pig.

It [is] orangish-brown, pudgy, and [has] a spiky white Mohawk. Its pink nose [twitches] like a rabbit’s.
‘Well, here she is, Rufus,’ Mom [says]. ‘Your new pet!’

Her son is less than thrilled. What is he supposed to do with a guinea pig? Rufus complains. All they do is eat, poop, and squeak. But this is no ordinary ball of fur! The guinea pig (which he names Fido) can fetch sticks, catch a Frisbee, play dead, and even save a life…sort of.

Guinea Dog by Patrick Jennings is a furry, funny tale about how, sometimes, big surprises come in small packages.

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