Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing Hahn

imagesI don’t read a lot of horror/ghost stories, mainly because…I’m a coward with a vivid imagination (Okay, I can actually HEAR your eyes rolling as you read this).

However, I found Wait Till Helen Comes to be sufficiently creepy. It kept me in breathless suspense without causing me curl up into the fetal position. A vengeful young ghost finds a soul mate in a spiteful, unhappy girl with a dark secret. And as we all know, unless its name is Casper, making friends with a ghost usually comes with drawbacks…like death. But I digress…

The story is told from the viewpoint of Molly, the timid older stepsister of the antagonistic Heather. Extremely possessive of her father, Heather makes life miserable for Molly, her stepbrother Michael, and her stepmother. At the start of the book, the family moves into a house that was once a church. Near the “church” is an old graveyard, a pond, and the burned-out remains of a house. These things quickly come into play as Heather delves into the spirit world in order to find companionship.

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