Fast Food Fairy Tale, Part Eight

“How can I be a hero?” Wendy whimpered. “Heroes don’t get scared!” “Course they get scared! Do ya know what makes a person a hero?” “No,” Wendy sniffled. “A hero is someone who looks their fear right in the face, and spits!”

Fast Food Fairy Tale, Part Six

“Good one! Hey, you’re all right, kid! Look, you ever find yourself jonesing for a sandwich, stop by my restaurant, all right? Tell ‘em Jersey Mike sent ya!” With that, Jersey Mike motioned to Smashburger and the two strode off. “‘Jonesing’?” Wendy asked. Baskin and Robin shrugged. “It means ‘craving,’” said a voice from within the cottage. “Why didn’t he just say ‘craving’?” “As I have so recently discovered,” replied the voice, “those men seem to have a language all their own.”