The Lies Parents Tell You, or Beware the Fountain of Doom!

My parents had a firm rule for me whenever we visited Cantigny: touch…nothing. Actually, in my case, this rule was generally applied to all situations (in stores, people’s houses, petting zoos, etc.), but here at the park it was reinforced, especially when it came…to the fountain.

A Fish Out of Water

“They want us to do what?” I was stunned. Kay consulted her notes again. “They don’t have any counselors for this camp, and the director wants each of us to lead a small group for the next two weeks. “ “We…each get a group?” I could almost feel the blood draining from my face. This … Continue reading A Fish Out of Water

Private Dexheimer: Civil Warrior…Sort Of

Mock me if you will, but for several summers during my college years, I was a Civil War reenactor, proudly serving with the 64th Illinois Infantry. I spent a number of weekends dressing up as a soldier, camping out, having mock gun fights to the delight of audiences, and generally geeking out on all things … Continue reading Private Dexheimer: Civil Warrior…Sort Of

Ten Minute Fugitive from Justice

A visit to Hannibal, Missouri in the spring of 2005 was the setting for one of those villainous acts which led to me being a fugitive, albeit briefly, from local authorities. It has taken me almost 11 years to come to grips with this particular skeleton in my closet, but now is the time for the truth to come out.

I am not the man you think I am!