Tomatoes: A Confession


I have never been a big fan of tomatoes (at least in their raw form), but on one occasion, many years ago, I managed to find a good use for the produce.

The details of the following childhood event are fuzzy in my memory. I vaguely recall that I was in my backyard looking for something to do. The family dog at that time, a Siberian husky by the name of Teddy, was also in the yard doing what dogs normally do.  As I wandered aimlessly about, I came across the family vegetable garden. Growing in the back of that garden were plants that were taller than I was, and on them hung many red objects. The bright color of the fruit having caught my eye, I picked one off and examined it. Purely for experimental purposes, I threw the tomato at our fence to see what it would do. It exploded against the wood in a red, and quite satisfying, splotch of glory.

That was fun, my young mind reasoned. I hurried back to the garden and picked another tomato and hurled that at the fence.


I did it again- SPLUT!

And again- SPLUT!

It was then that Teddy walked by…

I don’t know how my pea brain managed to conclude that playing dodge ball with the dog would be a good thing to do. Yet the next thing I recall, I was flinging tomatoes at my poor confused pet. There were tomato rinds all over my dog, the fence, and the yard. I was having the time of my life…then Mom came out. Enough said.

I’m sure Teddy held no grudges after that incident. In fact, I’m sure he had a ball licking up my homemade tomato paste for weeks after.

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