The Joy of Loneliness

I wrote the following years ago, most likely during college when I used to think deep thoughts. I guess this still holds up. You be the judge…

I walk the well-worn trail through the woods once again. Away from all distractions, all noise, all people, I travel the path alone. I listen to the soothing rustle of the leaves and the bubbling liquid peace of the small stream that cuts its way across the forest. I feel the few rays of sunlight that break through the canopy of trees and the wind that puts the nature around me in motion. Some people fear being alone, but I find joy and refreshing in my occasional loneliness. For although I am alone, I am not truly alone. I feel the presence of my Creator here. I talk to Him and He listens. He speaks to me and I am at peace. I am renewed through my loneliness and I can once more face the world.

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