League of Unknown Presidents, Part Three

Hayes: Has anyone seen President Van Buren lately? He used to come to these meetings all the time. Harrison: He had told me that he was feeling a bit over-committed. After all, he’s pretty active in the Forgotten Vice-Presidents group and the One-Term Wonders Club. I think he’s also planning to start a group for presidents who speak Dutch. But as he is the only one qualified, I can’t see how that can go anywhere.

League of Unknown Presidents, Part Two

Hayes: (To Pierce) I don’t know what you’re complaining about anyway. Personally, I’d rather be here than be in the League of Forgotten Vice-Presidents. I hear that’s a sorry group… Fillmore: Hey! I’m in that League! Hayes: (Gesturing to Fillmore) See what I mean?

Topsy to the Rescue

According to columnist Dick Shewalter, “instead of using all four legs all the time, he ran on three legs, first using one hind leg for a few steps, then lifting it and switching to the other.” Sam Becker called this strange maneuver the “put down three and carry the one” run.